Topics & Scheduling

Friday, September 26

15:00 Welcome meeting, coffee
15:30 Opening of the conference, greetings (R Berz, president of the conference)
Session 1 History of thermography and early medical equipment and applications I Chair EFJ Ring
15:40 German contributions to infrared imaging and to its medical use (R Berz)
Session 2 Therapeutic thermal applications, thermal monitoring of therapy and interventions Chair EFJ Ring, M Godfrey
16:00 Therapeutically UV irradiation of the blood applied to problems of peripheral arterial blood supply, controlled by thermography (H Sauer)
16:20 Thermographic patterns of adolescents with anorexia nervosa before and after treatment (J Vagedes)
16:40 Thermal imaging and circulating tumour cells - windows on breast health (P Butler, J Fluhrer)
17:00 Short term effects of local infrared irradiation on diabetic feet and legs – case studies using thermography (H Sauer, R Berz)
17:20 Break
17:40 High resolution infrared thermographic imaging of breast and bottle fed infants during feeding – a pilot study (J Vagedes)
18:00 Use of CTC assays as a diagnostic aid - some clinical experience (N Hembry)
Session 3 Thermography in various medical fields I Chair P Getson, AJ Norheim
18:20 Special developed and patented anatomy screening and interpretation software in clinical practice with help from fully automated robot (M Moehrke)
18:40 New standards for fever screening with thermal imaging (EFJ Ring, A Jung, Kalicki B, Rustecka A, Verdasca R)
19:00 A new way obstetric care with the use of infrared thermography – the head of the fetus during the final stage of childbirth (A L Urakov, N A Urakova)
19:20 Thermal imaging – a biometric approach for evaluation of local side effects after vaccination (A Hoffmann, C Dumke, K M Hanschmann)
19:40 Discussion of the day's topics Chair AJ Norheim
20:00 Diner Buffet at the Steigenberger Hotel near the Venue

Saturday, September 27

09:00 Opening of the 2nd conference day
09:05 Greetings from the EAT (European Association of Thermology) (J Mercer)
Session 4 History of thermography and early medical equipment and applications II Chair J Mercer
09:10 Pioneers and progress in infrared thermography (EFJ Ring)
Session 5 Thermography in breast health and breast diseases Chair J Mercer, H Sauer, V Veikutis
09:30 MammoVision - an integrative breast cancer prevention and diagnostic method (C Schulte-Uebbing)
09:50 Thermal imaging to assess breast health in women under age 35 - a pilot study (M Godfrey)
10:10 The standardized recording and evaluation procedure of MammoVision (R Berz, J P Berz)
10:30 Effect of diet and lifestyle on improving breast health – verification by thermography (P Getson)
10:50 Break
11:10 An overview on thermographic legal cases throughout the world and recent anti-mammography articles (P Getson)
11:30 Iodine and the breast (M Godfrey)
11:50 The Arcadia concept for breast cancer treatment and the role of thermography (C Buettner)
12:10 The role of regulation capacity in the development and treatment of neoplastic conditions (D Beilin)
12:30 Thermography and breast cancer (M Godfrey)
12:50 Identifying breast health risks and monitoring early intervention and treatment using MammoVision (G Machado)
13:10 Lunch Buffet at the Venue
Session 6 Hyperthermia Chair A Jung
14:10 Innovations in the field of extreme full body hyperthermia (H Wehner)
14:30 Oncothermia – a new approach to hyperthermia (O Szász)
14:50 Survey and controlling of infrared irradiation local hyperthermia by thermographic system HeatControl (R Berz)
Session 7 Thermography applied to vascular and musculoskeletal diseases Chair A Urakov, L Laino
15:10 Application of thermography in the diagnosis and treatment monitoring of the Complex Regional Pain Syndrome type I (CRPS I) (A.Jung, J Mróz, J Zuber, B Kalicki)
15:30 The predictive value of thermography in CRPS (P Getson)
15:50 Use of thermography in diagnosing frostbite and non-freezing cold injuries in the Norwegian armed forces (A J Norheim)
16:10 Break
16:30 Consensus regarding interpretation in Thermography of hands? (A J Norheim, J Mercer)
16:50 The effect of oral uptake of nicotine on skin blood perfusion of the face and hands in snus users as determined by thermography (J Mercer)
17:10 Analysis of thermographic evaluation in patients admitted in rehabilitation clinic in the last 5 years (2009-2014) - a prospective study (A S Nica)
17:30 Discussion of the day's topics Chair P Butler
18:00 DGTR general assembly including board elections
19:30 Train ride to Frankfurt city, night sightseeing tour (in German and in English language)
22:00 Night meal in a typical Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen location

Sunday, September 28

09:00 Opening of the 3rd conference day
Session 8 Thermography in various medical fields II Chair AS Nica
09:10 Skin cancerization field and video-thermography - a new evaluation method? (L Laino)
09:30 Infrared thermography of the skin at the injection site as a way of timely detection of injection disease (A L Urakov, N A Urakova, A Kasatkin, A Reshetnikov)
09:50 Possibilities of IRT using in cardiac surgery and interventive cardiology practise (V Veikutis)
Session 9 Proteomic approach in diagnosis and therapy Chair H Hoffmann
10:10 Principles of proteomic diagnosis and subsequent treatment (S Fischer)
10:30 Break
Session 10 Veterinarian applications of thermography Chair A Hoffmann, R Purohit, Y Tegner
10:50 Concepts in thermography for refinement and reduction in animal use for testing of biologicals (A Hoffmann, C Dumke, K Cussler)
11:10 Thermographic evaluation of dermatome patterns in various animal species (R Purohit)
11:30 Dynamic thermographic monitoring of horses during movement (A von der Wense)
11:50 Severity Assessment and Stratification by an Automated, Continuous Non-contact Infrared Monitoring System in Models of Infectious Disease (G P Otto, C H Queissner, P Rothe, M Sossdorf, A Richter, and R A Claus)
12:10 Thermographic evaluation of the testis and scrotum in various mammalian species (R Purohit)
12:30 Case studies of equine thermography (I Wensink)
12:50 Lunch Buffet at the Venue
Session 11 Outlook on future issues of thermography Chair Y Tegner
14:00 Trends of new infrared detector technologies expand the possibilities of thermography (P Nicolaus)
14:20 Final discussion Chair K Howell
14:30 Break, End of the Conference